Client feedback

The following are real comments from customers and associates. They are here to show you the strengths of my company, my personal knowledge and skills and perhaps most importantly my personal character.

I would like to express my gratitude to Brian Lawrence for his professionalism, expertise and encouragement.

For over four years, Brian has demonstrated excellent marketing savvy and business creativity in understanding my specific business and coming up with outside of the box ideas. He has provided consultations that have supported our growth and met our business needs. He is a responsive consultant, a patient educator, and a person of high integrity.

Brian has been instrumental in helping us to promote and enhance our business and we look forward to working with him as an advisor for many years to come.

Norma Moutal
President and Partner
One Heart Personalized Ceremonies

Dear Brian:

I want to thank you for a wonderful year of working with you and your staff.

Your insistence on getting to know us, our brand and our objectives was very impressive from the very beginning of our working relationship.

Then, through the process of creating a new blog site, management of our Google Adwords account, reconstructing our Facebook account and creating Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, I have enjoyed the timeliness, skill levels and patience of your entire staff. The professionalism was exemplary.

We are so pleased with not only the quality of all of these elements of our social media presence, but with the training that your staff provided. They were so cooperative with me by working at many odd hours to accommodate my busy schedule. I will always be appreciative of their knowledge and for passing it along to me, to allow us to utilize all of these sites to build our image, tourism market awareness and SEO. As a result of your fine efforts we experienced a record breaking occupancy in 2012. We thank you.

You have given us the tools that are going to be valuable to us for years to come. I am looking forward to continuing to utilize your services.

Please say thank you to each and every one of your talented crew.

Larry France
Marketing Manager
Chabil Mar Resort
Placencia, Belize

Kudos to both Brian Lawrence and Vanessa Ploski of Local Traffic Builder. Brian has taken my original vision of being a wholesale only company and guided it to reality. He has gone above and beyond with his personalized service. His knowledge of the industry has provided me and my company with sources and contacts that will become a valued resource in the future growth of IntriCutz. His patience in answering my many questions is a testament to his professionalism. Brian has truly been a guiding hand in the redevelopment and evolution of my company.

Vanessa Ploski’s skill and creativity has been amazing. She has taken my thoughts and visions and turned them into work of the highest quality. Her efforts will only enhance our future marketing and give us a competitive edge when attracting dealers and their customers. Her concepts have been right on target with the goals we have set for this company.

With no reservations, I highly recommend Local Traffic Builder for all marketing and business building needs. They are true professionals and caring individuals who believe in giving 100% to each and every client; 100% to each and every project. I am excited to my continuing partnership with them.

Martha Rayon
CEO IntriCutz Studios

Dear Brian,
I wanted to send you this letter expressing how lucky Eric and I were to have crossed paths with you. Your intimate knowledge of the industry along with your passion and incredible sense of knowing what retailers want, has been truly invaluable to us.

All of your recommendations have been spot on and have truly helped us in so many ways. Also, your demeanor and professionalism have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We are happy to have you on our team.

Glenn Schuster President
Dauphine Press, Inc.

Thanks for the advise, I'll give it a try. I am very proud of my site and Joanne is very patient with my uphill learning curve. I have referred several other local wedding vendors to you and tell them it is well worth the investment, but most people seem nervous about investing in the security of their futures. Thanks for everything your team has done for me and my business, I am glad Andy Ebon referred me to you.

Graham Haddock
Cakes by Graham

Hi Brian
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the guidance and direction you gave me during our meeting. The concepts you provided me with were a great help during my meeting with the resort. Your feedback and input regarding my designs and helping me simplify my processes enabled me to think of the line from a different direction.

Your advice and direction helped me go into my meeting with more confidence and a different perspective which resulted in me getting this prestigious opportunity.

I look forward to the chance to work with you again in the future!

Debra Mehrberg
Owner / Designer
dm paper designs

Once again, thank you for your column, "Working the Web" in Greetings etc. over the last year. No matter what the topic, Brian, you had a fine ability to capture the essence of the business issue and offer concise and useable tips to our readers that they could easily grab onto and implement into their businesses.

Thank you for this contribution to our readership.

Let's stay in touch.

Gabriele Edgell
Greetings etc.

Brian Lawrence started consulting with my company, Simply Personal one year ago. I already had a big vision for where I was going with my company but Brian had a bigger vision. His willingness to listen, ask hard questions and challenge me has enabled me to step out in confidence and take myself and this company to levels I never thought possible. He believed in what I was doing and provided small, obtainable stepping stones for me to get there. He wasn’t pushy or controlling, but incredibly helpful and calming. I always take a while to process and he was patient while I got to where he already was. I appreciate his sincerity, diligence and relationships. He has a very strong reputation and after working with him this past year I can understand why so many people respect him. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable in our industry but he has a heart of gold and truly wants to see people succeed. Brian Lawrence cares which is a rare find in today’s business world.

Susan Strauss

Dear Brian,
Thank you so much for your participation in the Wedding MBA 2010. Your support has been an integral part of the Wedding MBA's success. The attendees found your present to be interesting and informative.

With Sincere Thanks,

Will and Patti Haggerty
Shannon Underwood
Producers of Wedding MBA

I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing resource over the past five years and for continuing to be someone I can turn to in the years to come.

It has been such a wonderful reassurance to know that I can come to you for advice. You are always willing to take the time to listen and give me real life feedback. Your knowledge and experience are second to none. Your experience allows you to have a vision that nobody else has. You have been in my shoes as a business owner, you watch your wife on a daily basis run her business and now work on the other side for Encore Studios. There is nobody else with this kind of approachability and insight.

From the very beginning you have proven how much you care about me as a business owner as well as the success of my business. It always meant so much to have you take the time to come and visit the store and see how we had things set up. It was evident you truly wanted to see Beautifully Detailed be a success and these continuous small acts such as taking time out of your family vacations to Delaware to visit me and see the store are evidence of this.

When I first started it was obvious I needed to think of a way to position Beautifully Detailed as the best choice for someone needing invitations (read compete with the internet and discount invitation companies). With a lot of credit to you, my husband and I came up with our rebate program. This allows us to sell the invitations for the price listed in the book and still have our clients feel like they are getting an amazing value because of the high level of customer service and expertise they receive as well as this added bonus. In this day and age it is imperative to recognize everyone wants to feel like they are getting something. Thanks to you we have created a win-win situation for both ourselves and our clients. As a thank you for choosing Beautifully Detailed as their stationer we pay for the shipping 100% (as long as the order is at least $100 retail) and we give a 20% rebate credit based on the cost of the invitation itself (not the entire order) to apply back towards our in-house printing services. This helps us to promote our printing services and usually results in the client spending even more money with us. It is also a very fair way to do it because it is based on the invitation they select. Someone with a low budget gets a small rebate and someone with a high budget in lots of instances gets all their envelopes addressed for free and then chooses to have us print insert cards and place cards for a fee. I am proud to offer this to my clients and they are excited to receive the discount. It costs me a little more time and ink but it wins me a ton of clients and extra earned income to boot.

Your concept of “think outside of the book” has been a great thing to teach to my clients. When you provided me with paper swatches of almost every paper Encore has to offer my sales with Encore skyrocketed. Most clients are very visual. To be able to have all the paper selections there for them to see and feel while trying different combinations has been invaluable. I also keep a sample of each of my orders so that I can show them exactly what thinking outside of the book can create. Your willingness to keep Encore invitations customizable is a big key to my success. Clients want an invitation as unique as they are. They want their invitation to be an expression of who they are and what their special event will be. Encore is one of the few companies in the industry that has this flexibility. The plethora of paper selections, ink colors, motifs and monograms is awesome and the unique invitation concepts are absolutely amazing.

It is a great feeling to know that at any point I can turn to you with a question, concern or dilemma and you will be there with fabulous ideas and be a great support.

Thank you for everything!

I look forward to working with you for years to come.

All the best,

Mitzi Klatzkin
Owner of Beautifully Detailed
Concordville, Pennsylvania

Occasionally someone comes along that makes me sit up and take notice…but not often. Having been a salon owner and wedding planner for 30 years, I am often frustrated at the lack of “stretch” I can find at conferences. And then I heard Brian Lawrence.

In short order, Brian captures the listener’s attention with his succinct presentation style. I was engaged in what he was sharing immediately. His understanding and scope of the wedding industry is unparalleled. It is apparent that he has “walked the walk” that all of us share.

His advice is easy to understand and in a humble way he encourages the professionals to raise their brand to the next level. And then he clearly tells you how to do so….step by step.

He holds nothing back for people who would pay more (which I find very stingy in other presenters.) He gives the audience his best game based on current market trends and facts.

Brian Lawrence has given me more nuts and bolts advice in a fewer speaking engagements than I have heard from a lifetime of presenters. He is worth every penny and will be an asset to your program. Your audience will thank you.

Michael J. Nolte
Founder, Nolte’s Bridal
Kansas City, Missouri
Director of Wedding Planning Services for N.B.S

Brian Lawrence is the most amazing combination of knowledge and compassion I have ever met in the wedding industry. I have known Brian for more than 10 years, first as a dealer of Encore Studios’ line of custom wedding and social invitations, then as a reader of his book to help retailers be more successful, and then as a customer of his service that provides local Internet search engine optimization for the sale of invitations in brick & mortar storefronts. In addition, my husband and I always make a point of attending any speaking presentations Brian gives at the National Stationery Show and other venues because he always has a fresh view point to share about a variety of topics. Brian is a rare combination of someone with the knowledge of retail store operation, having done so himself in multiple forms, along with the ability to help others do the same, by writing and speaking of his experience and sharing his knowledge.

In today's world of meeting people who seem primarily interested in only promoting their own products and services, it is rare to run across someone who spends as much time caring about others’ success as Brian Lawrence does. He understands that others’ success can only make him more successful, both as an invitation company executive, and as the marketer of his business success tools. But his interest goes far beyond success from a financial standpoint. He is interested in the success others achieve for what it does for them, and his life is enriched on a human level that goes far beyond his financial success. Brian has so many admirable human qualities that many of them are difficult for me put into words, but I will attempt to demonstrate what I mean by relating just one story:

Brian's caring and compassion for his customers is quite unique and amazing. I will never forget when, in 2001, Seattle had a very large earthquake, and many in our city suffered extreme damage to their businesses. Fortunately our store only experienced insignificant damage, but Brian Lawrence is the only person who picked up the phone in his office on the other side of the country and checked in to see if we were okay. I was so touched by this gesture and have never forgotten it. Brian truly cares about not only his customers, but human beings in general, and for this I am an admirer. If more people spent as much time as Brian does trying to find ways to help business people be more successful the world would be a better place for all of us trying to make our way as entrepreneurs. I highly recommend him as a business consultant for his brilliance, experience and compassion. Our business is in a better place because of our contact with Brian Lawrence.

Gayle O’Donnell
All About Weddings
235 Strander Blvd., Suite 100
Tukwila, WA 98188
Fax 206.575.0707

We consulted Brian Lawrence when my company, "The Jewish National Fund" decided on a new product and marketing project for our existing invitation fund raising program. From its inception, Brian’s initiative and marketing knowledge has been indispensable. Because of his vast experience and marketing skills, we received the direction we needed to help this project succeed. Brian is very creative and goal oriented. I found him to be helpful and attentive to my company’s needs. I would highly recommend Brian Lawrence in a consulting or marketing capacity.

Amanda Levine, Jewish National Fund

Brian Lawrence has been a customer and a business colleague of mine for some 20 years. He has served on the advisory board of The National Stationery Show and has led workshops which have been positively received. His knowledge and passion for the custom invitation business is considerable. He is generous, articulate and very down to earth. I would highly recommend Brian as an excellent source for sales and marketing counsel, as a trainer and/or speaker.

George Little Management
Patti Stracher
Show Manager National Stationery Show
914 421 3394

I met Brian Lawrence in May 1998 at the National Stationery Show in New York. I learned that Brian had owned several stationery stores, so he understood the needs of the dealers. It was refreshing to deal with a VP who spoke as “one of us” and who enjoyed talking with all of us.

Brian was often asked to teach a seminar about something in the invitation industry – marketing, the internet, new products, and whenever possible, I attended his lectures. I always learned something from them, and even found that some of the things I was doing were what he recommended – always a good feeling for me.

Brian has written an excellent series on marketing to the bride. In it are some wonderful hints – suggestions that were really ahead of the industry. My own business has profited from his insight. One important thing I did was to begin accepting credit cards. He pointed out that this made a home-based business look more professional. He was at the forefront on studying and teaching how to deal with competition on the internet. And he also zeroed in on the need to have more than just a presence on the web. He saw how important it is to come up high on Google’s search engine. His company, Local Traffic Builder, has been helpful in keeping the name of Lettering by Lynne in front of potential customers.

Each year, I look forward to renewing my friendship with Brian at the Stationery Show. I also know that he is there for me, and for all the dealers, when we need him. He responds promptly whenever I write him, with either a compliment to Encore Studios, or with any issues that may occur. And I enjoy his blogs, even when he writes about non-business issues (but he always manages to relate them to our invitation business).

Lynn Sandler
Alexandria, VA 22305

As a dealer of Encore Invitations, I have worked with Brian Lawrence for over 15 years. Over that time Brian and I have been in contact on numerous occasions over the phone, at trade shows and when we have personally visited each other’s offices.

I have always found Brian to be extremely knowledgeable about all facets of the stationery business and as someone who stays completely up-to-date on the latest developments. He genuinely cares about the success of his clients and he is often an excellent sounding board for the decisions I make in my own business. I find his insights extremely valuable due to his position at Encore and his bird’s eye view of the industry.

One of the things that stand out most about Brian is his enthusiasm for innovation and problem solving. He understands the consumer’s decision-making process and is continually coming up with great new ideas to build business in a tough sales environment. Part of his success is based on his experience on both sides of the aisle, since he ran a stationery business himself for many years before becoming an executive at Encore.

Arlene Cronk
Invitations & Company
p 617-227-2127
f 617-227-8515 (website)
Boston Wedding Group

I love the local traffic builder program!!!!! Business has actually been slightly better than ever before even in this economy. As well as my new and much improved website the stats for that where incredible in just the first week. I was told it could take up to a month for the search engines to find me again.

Cyndi Swan
Lady Slipper Stationery
South Yarmouth, MA
508 394 6161

Brian Lawrence is passionate about the wedding industry; it was evident in his desire to understand my business needs. His speech was engaging and had many tangible nuggets to apply to my business right now. We recommend Mr. Lawrence has essential part in any business development seminar. We would gladly host Mr. Lawrence for future speaking engagements.

Steven VanCauwenbergh
M&M Productions
700-D South Air Depot #350
Oklahoma City, OK 73110
405-528-3548 Office

We have had the pleasure of working with Brian Lawrence for many years, both in his capacity as a VP at Encore Studios and as the owner of Local Traffic Builders. When Brian introduced the concept of using the web to draw local traffic to retail shops several years ago, I embraced the concept because I knew that having a website was not enough - we needed to get people to know about the site, click on it to learn about us, and then to come in to place an order. I'm a firm believe in local business and in-shop ordering (as opposed to on-line shopping) for invitations. And using Local Traffic Builder put us on the map in our town of Hamilton, NJ.

Marilyn Silverman
Word Center Printing
Hamilton, NJ

Dear Brian,
Thank you again for your fantastic presentation at the Northeast Regional Conference for Wedding Professionals. I have since spoken to several of our attendees who all spoke of how much applicable information they gained from your presentation for their businesses.

I have been in the wedding industry for many years and have known you to be a knowledgeable professional with a willingness to share information. From witnessing you on the stage, reading your books, reports, and now your blog you continue to be a great source of information and a superb marketer. Your latest venture with will be a great extension of your knowledge for the newest person in the industry or the seasoned person seeking to "sharpen their marketing saw."

Thanks again, Brian, for all you do! I look forward to working with you in the future.


Lois Pearce
Master Bridal Consultants
Association of Bridal Consultants
Director, Ethnic Diversity and Connecticut State Coordinator
President, Beautiful Occasions

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