Learn about blogging

New to the blogging world? Here is some basic information to get you started. To learn more visit An Introduction to Blogging by WordPress.

Basic Blog Navigation

  • Clicking on the title of the blog brings you back to the blog home page.
  • Clicking on a post title brings you to a page with that post alone.
  • Clicking on Leave a Comment under a post will lead you to a form where you can easily do just that, leave a comment.

Basic Blog Terms

Post (blog entry):

A blog is made up of a series of posts. A post is similar to a diary entry, it usually is made up of a title and writing, sometimes images, video and other media are added. Sometimes a long post is cut down on the main page and by clicking on “read more” you can access the full post. (The posts on this blog are found on the left.)


Categories are a simple way to organize post by topic. When you click or select a category a list of all posts under that category will appear. (The categories on this blog are found on the bottom of each post, after “This entry was posted in…”, and on the right in a drop down menu.)


A tag is a further way to organize blog posts. They are keywords used to describe a post in more detail. (In this blog they appear under the post next to the categories, saying “and tagged…”)


This is a permanent link for the unique URL (web address) that is given to a blog post. (In this blog the permalink¬† is located under the post after you click on the post’s title)


A trackback is a way that someone can let a blog know that they have referenced something from that blog. Trackback links are usually found at the bottom of a post, and you may have to right click on the link and copy the url to create a trackback.

Ping (pingback):

Similarly to a trackback a ping or pingback is an alert that is sent out by the blogging software when a post has been updated.

RSS Feed:

Simply this is a basic file that contains the latest blog post which can be read in a RSS aggregator (reader).

RSS Aggregator (Reader):

An RSS aggregator or reader is a service that people use to read RSS feeds. This allows the reader to be notified whenever their favorite blogs are updated.

Sharing in Blogs

At the bottom of posts you will often find icons or links that allow you to email, print, or share that post on various social networking sites. (On this blog you can do this by clicking on the icons under the post under “Share This” or click the green tweet button to share on twitter.

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